Date Issued: October 17,2019 –

The Executive Director of Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana, madam Victoria Adongo speaks at this year’s “The Fight for the Future of Food” event next Wednesday, 23 October at Cowell Hall in the United States of America.

Madam Adongo’s presentation will focus on how to deal with challenges confronting African foodways.

The African continent is home to a rich diversity of foods, agricultural knowledge, and practice. However, African foodways are facing a number of challenges, including a rapidly changing climate and pressure by foreign donors to convert family farms and African food systems into profit opportunities for the global agribusiness sector. The University of San Francisco and The 11th Hour Project are pleased to present an evening with African activists who are leading the fight for the future of food and biodiversity in Africa.


Bern Guri, Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development (Ghana)

Mariam Mayet, African Centre for Biodiversity (South Africa)

Mariann Bassey, Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa/Friends of the Earth (Nigeria)

Million Belay, Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (Ethiopia)

Victoria Adongo, Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (Ghana)


Joeva Rock, Brian Dowd-Uribe, Jeffrey Paller (University of San Francisco)

Maggie Nyce(The 11th Hour Project)


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