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Since Est. 2005

Our History

For many years, farmers, especially small-scale holders have suffered silently under unfavourable national agricultural policies that threaten their livelihoods and dignity. The situation became worst after the Ghana structural adjustment and economic recovery programme. This is one of the factors that informed the formation of the PFAG in 2005 as a group of small scale farmers that have come together to take their destiny into their own hands; empower themselves to advocate for change in the policies and practices that perpetuate their poverty and hinder their progress towards achieving food and income security. Today, PFAG consists of individual farmers and farmer groups, as well as, value chain actors numbering over 1,000,055 and 1,962 farmers Based Organisations (FBOs). Membership is spread across all the ten regions of Ghana.
The Association was registered with the Registrar General Department in August 2008 as a not for profit organization and with the Department of Social Welfare as a Non-Governmental Organisation, (NGO).


Our vision

Our vision is to provide a life of dignity for the peasant farmers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop beneficial programs favorable for increasing agricultural production, processing and, marketing through building and strengthening the capacities of farmers in policy advocacy and entrepreneurial skills and improve access to local, national and international markets and resources.

Strengthening advocacy capacity of the marginalised

At the core of the Association’s work is the power of voice we give to the silent majority and advocate for poverty reduction among rural small holder men and women farmers at local, national and international levels.
At the national level, PFAG has developed effective working relationships with various parliamentary select committees and key ministries with an objective of influencing government policies through evidence based farmers’ feedback mechanism. In addition to that, PFAG has strengthened the advocacy capacity of the community farmer based organisations, especially women groups to spearhead the demand for alternative policies.


  • FAO
  • IBP
  • Trust Africa
  • Oxfam in Ghana
  • SNV

We Are Best In Our Field

Our Main Activities Include

Membership and Network Strengthening

The association facilitates and promotes collective action by small holder farmers to enhance their efforts to lobby and advocate for sound agricultural, social and economic policies.

Strategic partnership Building

We hold strategic alliances with food other Farmer Based Organisations (FBOs), aggregators, food suppliers, consumers, markets and food companies, specifically to protect farmers’.

Information and Knowledge management

Our Information and Knowledge Management initiative aims to help improve the analysis, documentation, sharing, and adoption and use of lessons and good practices – as an approach for continuous learning, improvement and scaling up of agronomy interventions.

Organizational and Technical Capacity Building

Our Organizational and Technical Capacity Building initiative is a strategic and results-oriented approach to nurturing the building and rational utilization of capacity of our staff.




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Our Board

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