Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Selected farmers of Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG) in Asutuare (Osudoku District in the Greater Accra Region), Ezinlibo (Jomorro District in the Western Region) and Zaari (Garu District in the Upper East Region) were given training on Basic Business Development, Financial literacy, Marketing and Group Dynamics to improve their knowledge in the aforementioned areas and improve their organizational capacity to sustain policy advocacy at the District level.

The capacity areas were defined as a result of a needs assessment conducted to identify the gaps of the selected districts. The objective of the two-day training in each district was to improve the knowledge, skills and attitude of the selected FBOs towards sustainability for effective local level advocacy. Action plans were developed in each district detailing the specific actions together with timelines to be undertaken in the respective districts.

Topics that were treated include the Essentials of Business Development, Importance and strategies of Marketing, Group Account Management, Basic principles of Book keeping/Budgeting, Importance and elements of building groups among others. The trainings were however designed to suit to the specific challenges of the selected groups. The training also constituted role-plays and group discussions which made it very participatory and relevant to the participants.

The training forms part of a Sustainability Project by PFAG to Strengthen the Organizational Capacity of Small Holder Farmers for Improved Advocacy in Ghana with support from TRUST AFRICA.

Below are some images from the training.


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