The PFAG, CropLife Ghana, Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana, National Seed Trade Association of Ghana (NASTAG) and Ghana Rice Interprofessional Body (GRIB) has called on the Minister of Finance to expedite action on the request by the Minister for Food and Agriculture to grant tax exemptions to agricultural commodities. This was contained in a joint press conference organized by the group to draw attention to the dire consequences the agricultural sector will face if these exemptions are not granted.

Dr. Charles Nyaaba, the Executive Director of PFAG and reading the press statement on behalf of the group stated that the New Tax Exemptions Act 2022, Act 8093 did not cover agricultural commodities and this has led to many agro based industries faced with the payment of exorbitant port charges. Moreover, an application letter by the Minister for Food and Agriculture to the Minister for Finance requesting for these exemptions have not yet been approved. The Group therefore called on the Minister of Finance to fast track the application process and grant the requests. The group also hopes to petition Parliament to consider amending the Exemptions Act to specifically include agricultural commodities. Failure to do so, according to the group will lead to astronomical increases in agro based inputs and further increases in the cost of food prices in the country. Below is a link to the statement:

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